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Running 800 meters in a workout is one of my least favorite speed workouts.  It requires a combination of speed (like the 200-400m repetitions) and endurance (like 1K and 1mile repetitions). It takes mental will-power to hit your time consistently during each repetition. During training base-build up stage (5 reps […]

Rogin-e Last Man Running

One of those mornings when you lace up, drag yourself to the starting line, take it easy then find out you can get to the top three midway…end up 5th female and with the fastest sub5mpk splits at the last two kilometers with gas tank still full…. That was quite […]


I was organizing my files and I came across this photo. One of my favorite Ultramarathon shots taken by Jeff Javellanosa’s friend at the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners 70k ultramarathon. I wanna be better at it…Ultramarathon!