Another Beginning

After alarm snooze for the nth time and three text messages (‘see you, where you, will wait’), I finally had the will to get up, shower and lace up….off to Ultra And finally, got to taste the 400 meter workout.  I only did 4 reps finishing at 1:43, 1:43,1:50 and […]

“To Hell and Back, Just Faster”

Oops, the title is not something I claim I am right now.  It’s actually a tagline I read in an article shared at Crossfit Manila’s facebook page.  Click here to read more It really caught my attention and woke me up back to my senses. Fact No. 1 —- Running […]

An Awesome Quarter Ending-Week

The week has been quite busy with various work commitments.  I do not have anything planned-workout, long runs, race. CROSSFIT A DAY Since we are not seriously training for any race, we decided to take our crossfit workouts to the next level  —- daily attendance at the box, let’s try!?! […]

My First DNS (did not start) Race at Run Uro

For almost a year, my body clock has always been set to wake up at 4am on Sundays, ready for long runs.  After the Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon, lazy Saturdays and Sundays have been so enjoyable. This Sunday should be different, I am registered at the Run Uro race […]