You Cann’t Just Run Away

“Sometimes, all you need to do is run away…. …but you just cannot” sharing my daily musing Well, in another news (that’s a bit related)…i’m looking forward to incorporate some strength training WOD’s; my Coaches from Crossfit are willing to give me extra loads and check out what I really […]

Weekend Well Spent

They say weekends are best spent doing nothing…I’d say otherwise. It was well-spent bringing my K-Swiss blade light for a trip to Crossfit. Saturday’s would always have run intervals in the WOD so I look forward to it. I always look at the board and say, okay this is a […]

‘why’ matters more

I’ve been reading through the accounts of the warriors of Bataan Death March 160k Ultramarathon posted on Facebook. It baffles me HOW one could endure such battle for 30hours, with some even running beyond the cut-off, for the silver buckle…Yes, I’ve done a 102kilometer last year but 58kilometers more?!? The […]


I am guilty as charged! The definition of procrastination is: the act of procrastinating; putting off or delaying or defering an action to a later time. Often interchangeably used with laziness…. We all do! I do! It is inevitable and probably I deserve to…..”to use this word as an excuse” […]