Under Maintenance

Dear Readers, Yes, all six of you, my 2 sisters, 2 bestees-Anne and Ya, cousin Michael and my Mother. This site is under maintenance and so am I. It’s been so long since I last shared something. It doesn’t mean though that I have actually retired from running. I guess […]

Another Beginning

After alarm snooze for the nth time and three text messages (‘see you, where you, will wait’), I finally had the will to get up, shower and lace up….off to Ultra And finally, got to taste the 400 meter workout.  I only did 4 reps finishing at 1:43, 1:43,1:50 and […]

“To Hell and Back, Just Faster”

Oops, the title is not something I claim I am right now.  It’s actually a tagline I read in an article shared at Crossfit Manila’s facebook page.  Click here to read more http://www.scribd.com/doc/47067859/Tri-Athlete-Mag-Feb-2011-Crossfit-Endurance-article. It really caught my attention and woke me up back to my senses. Fact No. 1 —- Running […]


Hibernation Mode, yes, probably that’s what I call my state now in terms of training and racing.  I planned to do a comeback and start my training again last month but circumstances changed at work which made me decide to cut down a little on my training schedule.  I’ve maintained […]