I did finish the 34th Milo Marathon in 4:55:! (Garmin time) But I DNFed  —- did not faint, did not fall down, did not fail myself! (read more later when we get to the 30+kilometers) Milo Marathon is a must run for most runners.  This will be my first Milo […]

Running Ballerinas at the Lactacyd Run

I haven’t really posted anything since the Dream Marathon.  Yes, I am still around, just busy juggling work stuff and Milo training, oh and yeah, my personal life.  Weekends are spent having those exciting out of town LSDs.  And so I thought of  just making a recap of the month […]

A Different Kind of Dream

RUNNER NO. 1111 – should have been a cool bib number to run my Second Full Marathon at the TBR Dream Marathon in Nuvali. But…. Two weeks before the dream, I’ve gone crazier and got my feet to try on my First Ultramarathon at the PAU 50K run.  I was still […]