Partners at the Track

Got this one last Monday…so far, so good! Tempo Run on Tuesday, Speed Training on Wed (50-50 x 10 laps), Another one on Friday (200-200, 12 reps)….. And another one….yes, it comes with a Partner: Tere, Come to the track soon, partner!  Your shoes is waiting.  (and I’ve been Coach […]

Running for Home

Globe Run for Home 2009 was my first half Marathon!  It was a 2:27 finish.  They said that was a good first time for an average runner like me…and with no serious training yet.  (Just mere determination to get back to the finish line).  After the race, I promised myself […]

Running Ahead or Behind the Superbods

After running a full marathon at Condura, my goal was to peak on my performance.  Hence, after a recovery run the day after Condura, I am back at the oval for Speed Training with the Team Bald Runner. Last Friday was 5 repetitions of Yasso with 2 minutes rest in […]

My Toenails Story on its Fourth Month

Months ago, I posted about one of my ultimate fears from running — an ugly feet & my first taste of dead toenails — which was further aggravated by my second 21k race @ QCIM. October 2009 – two half-dead toenails – I could have stopped then, I could have […]

40 Days of No Running Starts Today?!?

Tomorrow, Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent.  It is the start of a 40-day liturgical season which ends on Wednesday. It has long been a tradition in the Catholic Church, and it is thought that the tradition of the 40 days recalls the 40 days Jesus spent in the […]