Blast from the Past-My Holiday Runs

No, this is not going to be a movie review (I haven’t turned into one for the new year).  Though right now, I do feel like a naive Adam Fraser coming out of the nuclear shelter as I blog  again.  Where shall I start?  My stories are all so ancient […]

One of the Boys at the Rolling Hills of Rizal

My non-running friends would always tell me I’m going crazy running a marathon….But since I have registered already and hmmm invested quite some time training for it, let’s do more crazy things at the last month before Condura. TUESDAY had a 60-40 drill with Frank Indapan (of the Team BR).  […]

A Year After c/o Caloy

It started with a simple facebook comment on Caloy’s FB status:an invite to join the October Botak Paa-Bilisan Road Race…”dude, new life?” (yep, running & night life can never be best friends)…after a few convincing from him, yada, yada…I joined my first 5-K Fun Run last October of 2008….. Fast […]

QCIM Plan A to B to C…then back to A

The QCIM is supposed to be my third half marathon. I got everything set for the NB 21K, aiming for a 2:15 PR and then Ondoy came….. There were so many Ondoy and Pepeng stories to share (running and non-running stuff) yet I wasn’t able to blog (I wrote but […]

Running Empty and a Perfect Recharge

Thursday was reserved for a long run before Sunday’s NB 21K race.  Was glad that Jobaqs’ sched was free so I got company. Started the day relaxed, drooling on my sisters’ good finds from her Guam trip.  Bags, Shoes, Watch…ohhh, so great a morning.  Just one meeting in the afternoon […]