My disappointed GF305

I got my GF 305 about 3 weeks ago…which means I should have logged at least 75 k run (with an average weekly target of 25K )….As soon as I got it, blogged that this would make me run better. For so, so many reasons, I have 10k total run […]

Sleepless in the Rain at Eco-dash

Looking at the race calendar, September is indeed a busy month for Running. And like the race calendar, this would probably be the busiest month for me. Work has been blessed with new accounts and its the production month for a project I am part of, a commemorative coffee table […]

My New Baby

I love my running shoes. It’s a Christmas gift from my sister last year. At that time, my request was for her to get me something that’s either a light yellow or blue so I can easily match with whatever I am wearing for my runs. A few months of […]

Training with the Team Bald Runner

Other than LSD and race on weekends, the recommended training for me includes speed training, intervals, tempo, yasso…etc. etc.….I have been downloading several training plans but never really followed them (for a week or two maybe). I knew I have to be with a group who really knows this craft. […]