Yes, I will half mary! And I did!

I coordinated our registration for Globe’s Run For Home last July 18. Michi, Jobaqs and Jopeng are all running half marathon. That means, I’ll be by myself at the starting line for 10K. It took me weeks to decide if I will take the challenge to run a half mary […]

I’ll have an ugly feet? Oh no!

I’m scheduled for home service manicure & pedicure this Sunday but I decided to have it tonight since I’m leaving for a weekend retreat tomorrow night. Darlene, our favorite girl from ‘Nails So Right” is on my easy-dial list 🙂 but her phone can not be reached 😦 So I […]

my independence day…

it was a lazy friday, nothing on my schedule, an independence day indeed! Spent the morning on the internet till its time to leave to meet aileen and resa @ BHS for the usual coffee-chat-shop-dinner-chat-coffee. i’m sure aileen would have stories about her new gadget while resa about gensan (endless […]