globe run for home

A Vivid Picture of My Run for Home

Wohoo! Just love photovendo shots, not my best angles though….but it vividly captures the struggles and pains…Too bad, I zoomed to the finish, I’ve got no finish line shot.  Lesson learned huh!  (oh, warning: this is a very narcisistic post, so pardon me…) Official time:2:13 (net 2:12) (garmin 2:11) I […]

Toughy and Enchanting Run for Home

Tere and I agreed to run together and maintain a pace of 6min/kilometer.  I wasn’t that confident for this run as until Sunday morning, my thigh is still sore.  And on Saturday night, it did hurt bad when I went down a steep incline at the Metrowalk parking (Well, at […]

Running for Home

Globe Run for Home 2009 was my first half Marathon!  It was a 2:27 finish.  They said that was a good first time for an average runner like me…and with no serious training yet.  (Just mere determination to get back to the finish line).  After the race, I promised myself […]

Yes, I will half mary! And I did!

I coordinated our registration for Globe’s Run For Home last July 18. Michi, Jobaqs and Jopeng are all running half marathon. That means, I’ll be by myself at the starting line for 10K. It took me weeks to decide if I will take the challenge to run a half mary […]