Endurance Sports and the Greatest Endurance Athlete

ENDURANCE AND ENDURANCE SPORTS ENDURANCE: the power to withstand pain or hard; the ability or strength to continue despite fatigue, stress, or adverse conditions. Endurance sports require a prolonged period of physical exertion.  There is no clear classification on which one would be an endurance sports but a track event […]

Things Happen

Running 800 meters in a workout is one of my least favorite speed workouts.  It requires a combination of speed (like the 200-400m repetitions) and endurance (like 1K and 1mile repetitions). It takes mental will-power to hit your time consistently during each repetition. During training base-build up stage (5 reps […]

Whatever happens tomorrow, we had today

I’ve had a copy of this film since last month and finally had the chance to watch it. It’s a story about two best friends who had that one night together the night after their graduation. Throughout the movie, they were shown either together or separately living their own lives […]