I am guilty as charged! The definition of procrastination is: the act of procrastinating; putting off or delaying or defering an action to a later time. Often interchangeably used with laziness…. We all do! I do! It is inevitable and probably I deserve to…..”to use this word as an excuse” […]

Another Beginning

After alarm snooze for the nth time and three text messages (‘see you, where you, will wait’), I finally had the will to get up, shower and lace up….off to Ultra And finally, got to taste the 400 meter workout.  I only did 4 reps finishing at 1:43, 1:43,1:50 and […]

Lessons from my First Week Comeback

After about two weeks of “couch potato” mode, I tried to go back to my regular routine this week. I missed on my recovery run on Monday and decided to rest my legs as the pain I had last BDM recur during my TBR pacer role last Sunday.  The pain […]

Running Ahead or Behind the Superbods

After running a full marathon at Condura, my goal was to peak on my performance.  Hence, after a recovery run the day after Condura, I am back at the oval for Speed Training with the Team Bald Runner. Last Friday was 5 repetitions of Yasso with 2 minutes rest in […]

Still on Second Wind

“Somewhere during a longer, more intense run when stored glycogen is depleted, the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus release endorphins that can provide that “second wind” that keeps a runner going.” I came across this article last night (read more), which makes me think….this explains it, I am in second […]